Once upon a time …

 … and we all know good stories start this way … there was a young girl born in Texas. She grew up to be an amazing woman. Lives were lived. Fun was had. Tears were shed. And Stories were made.

This blog is about those Stories. They need to be told.

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Four Children … But It Seemed Like Many More

Life was always hectic for Linda as she grew her family. Or at least it seemed that way.

From the young 17-year-old who gave birth to a daughter to when she was 32 and gave birth to her last son, there was always something going on to challenge the mind and comfort the soul.

With that kind of age gap … fifteen years from first to last … you might guess that there would be a few stories. And you would, once again, be correct.

For purposes of anonymity I am going to use aliases for the children. These are, however, aliases chosen by Linda for the purposes of these stories.

Four children from first to last. Four who lived. But more on that later.

The oldest, we will call her Treycie, is a tall dark-haired beauty who ended up marrying a rock star … twice.

The next, we will call him Deacher, grew up to become a bit of a well-known public figure in Texas.

Linda’s youngest daughter Faith has grown into a beautiful self-assured young woman and mother, who deals with multiple physical challenges.

And Alain, her youngest, is a total free spirit … with a Phi Beta Kappa key and a graduate degree in Physics. He sells hot dogs from a cart.

In each of these four children, and in the stories that will be told of them here, I can see traits of their mother. Creativity, outspokenness, courage, intelligence … and a sense of self.

I realize that this is very little to start with about the four remarkable people Linda gave birth to, but more stories will follow. Some of their childhood, some about their adult challenges … but all about the story of life.

Life with Texas Linda.

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