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I Am The Only Child My Parents Never Had

Linda always said that if she wrote the story of her life, that would be the title.

“I was the only child my parents never had” she said with a straight face. “Really.” I know that sounds odd on face value, but I assure you it is true.

Now that you know a little more about Texas Linda and Hurricanes … armadillos and chicken parts notwithstanding … I thought it might be helpful to have a little insight into her origins. You may want to get out a pad of paper and pen to follow all of this.

We all took to calling her Texas Linda because she is, after all, from Texas. But …

Her name is Jane (no middle name).

Her name is Linda Jo.

Her name is Navanachea.

And she has the papers to prove it … all of it.

(this is a placeholder for the rest of the first part of Linda’s life)

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